Thursday, April 8, 2010

My New Lip-Gloss Obsession

As a purveyor of mark products, I obviously use them and buy them for myself, too, so when I received an e-mail recently alerting me to a free Juice Gem in "Mango Tango," I figured I'd purchase the new Calm & Composed moisturizer and take advantage of the freebie. The moisturizer is totally soothing and packed with avocado and oat proteins that work well against rosacea and overall redness. That's all well and good, but man do I love this Mango Tango! It looks peach in the tube but goes on like the perfect, beachy shimmery nude. I freakin' love it. And it tastes like mangoes. Nothing could be better. Seriously. It's only $6.50 and will last a long time. Go here and buy it!